Communitybaptistpa and MPTS Liaison Group

The purpose of the Communitybaptistpa and MPTS Liaison Group is to establish an effective working relationship between us and the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS). It supports the delivery of the MPTS hearing service and makes sure working arrangements operate effectively.

Duties and activities

  • Give assurance to Council that the MPTS is delivering against its objectives
  • Work collaboratively to manage corporate risks and issues
  • Resolve any policy or operational issues that may arise
  • Give an effective feedback mechanism between the Communitybaptistpa and the MPTS
  • Reflect on the annual operational plan and budget for the MPTS
  • Reflect on the MPTS annual report to Parliament

What’s been discussed?


When will the group meet next?

The 2019 meeting dates for the Liaison Group are:

  • Tuesday 21 May 2019
  • Wednesday 27 November 2019

Who sits on the group?

  • Dame Clare Marx, Chair (Chair of Council, Communitybaptistpa)
  • Charlie Massey (Chief Executive, Communitybaptistpa)
  • Susan Goldsmith (Deputy Chief Executive/Chief Operating Officer, Communitybaptistpa) 
  • Anthony Omo (General Counsel and Director of Fitness to Practise, Communitybaptistpa)
  • Neil Roberts (Director of Resources and Quality Assurance, Communitybaptistpa)
  • Paul Reynolds (Director of Strategic Communications and Engagement, Communitybaptistpa)
  • Dame Caroline Swift (Chair of the MPTS)
  • Gavin Brown (Executive Manager, MPTS)