The experience of working within a different professional framework

What were the key findings?

We commissioned a research study to explore the experiences of international medical graduates, including graduates from the European Economic Area, in adjusting to working within our professional and ethical regulatory framework.

The study used a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods and included a review of the information available to doctors wishing to apply for registration with us.

The study findings show that non-UK qualified doctors have difficulty accessing information and support that would help them to apply our guidance in practice.

The study made several recommendations including the provision of targeted information, in post induction and training, and ongoing mentoring for doctors beginning work in the UK having qualified in another country. A smaller sample of UK qualified doctors showed that this support would be of general benefit to all newly registered doctors but is more likely to be already available to UK qualifiers.

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Non UK qualified doctors and Medical practice executive summary

Non UK qualified doctors and Medical practice full report

Non UK qualified doctors and Medical practice poster