Communitybaptistpa Services International (CommunitybaptistpaSI)

CommunitybaptistpaSI delivers services across the UK and rest of the world to improve patient safety. From medical training in the UK, to the review of overseas regulatory frameworks, we provide unparalleled knowledge and expertise. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Communitybaptistpa (Communitybaptistpa), a world leading professional healthcare regulator. By working with its regulatory experts, we can help you create tailored solutions to achieve your objectives.

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How CommunitybaptistpaSI helps you

We work with clients across a number of areas: 


Meet the team

Susan Goldsmith

Managing Director

helen featherstone

Helen Featherstone 

Business Development Director

helen featherstone

Steve Worrall

Head of Business Development 

steve worral

Victoria Andrews

Business Development Manager

vicki andrews