Making a complaint

About your NHS care

You should first raise your complaint with the organisation where you were treated. If you’re not happy with the response of this organisation after you have contacted them, or don’t feel comfortable approaching them, you can , who will look into it for you.

If you’re unhappy with the NHS response you can refer your complaint to the (SPSO). They will look at your complaint and decide whether to investigate it. 

About your private care

You should complain about your private care to .

Getting help with your complaint

  • The Patient Advice and Support Service (part of the Scottish Citizen’s Advice Bureau) offers free and confidential information, advice and support to anyone who uses the NHS in Scotland. Find the contact details of or call 0800 917 2127.
  • If you need information or advice about your rights in relation to mental health care and treatment, or you are concerned about someone else's rights and welfare, you may wish to contact the They can be reached on 0131 313 8777. There is also a freephone number, 0800 389 6809, for service users and carers only.