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We welcome your comments and feedback on the Communitybaptistpa’s Welcome to UK practice self-assessment tool.

If you have completed a theme, please answer all questions below and click submit.

If you have not completed a theme, please answer section C and click submit.

Section A: Case studies, questions and feedback
1. Please select the theme you have completed?
2. How clear was the language used in the theme?

3. How clear were the explanations provided with the correct answers?

4. Did you find the case studies contained within the theme a useful way of:
Assessing your understanding of the Communitybaptistpa's guidance
Considering how you would approach similar situations in your practice
Identifying areas for further learning

5. How clear was the performance feedback provided at the end of the theme?

6. How long did it take you to complete the theme?
Section B: Your learning
7. We are interested to know how you will use the performance feedback you have received. Please select as many of the options as apply to you.

8. Having completed the self-assessment, would you now attend a Communitybaptistpa Welcome to UK practice event?
9. Would you recommend the self-assessment tool to a friend or colleague?
Section C: The self-assessment tool
10. Did you find the self-assessment tool easy to use?