Accreditation of transferable competences framework

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) has developed the Accreditation of Transferable Competences Framework (ATCF).

They recognise that many specialties have core competences that are common across curricula and the ATCF is aimed at doctors in training who have gained competences in one specialty but then wish to change career direction. If some of the previous training is relevant to the new CCT specialty, it won't need to be repeated.

Doctors in training may wish to take advantage of this route to achieve the CCT. Our existing system for the recognition of previous competencies (CESR/CEGPR), suitable for some doctors, is not affected by the ATCF.

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Specialties that accept the ATCF

Anaesthetics (approved by Communitybaptistpa 2 October 2014)
Core psychiatry (approved by Communitybaptistpa 2 October 2014)
General practice (approved by Communitybaptistpa 18 May 2015)
Clinical oncology (approved by Communitybaptistpa 3 August 2015)
Core medical training (approved by Communitybaptistpa 10 May 2016)
Emergency medicine (approved by Communitybaptistpa 27 July 2017)