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Download promotional materials

These materials are designed to help you promote the surveys to doctors in training and trainers. Some can be tailored with your local details.

Advert image

Ideal to show on screens around your buildings or as a screensaver. Available in widescreen and the traditional aspect ratio.

Download the advert as a JPG image
Download widescreen version of the advert as a JPG image

PowerPoint presentations

Including speaker notes, these slides cover how to take part and how the survey's used.

Download the trainee's presentation
Download the trainer's presentation

Template news story

Ideal for websites or newsletters, you can amend it with local details or quotes.

Download the template news story


Makes sending local reminders from your postgraduate dean easy.

Download the template

National training survey logo

Please include the logo in any information you produce about the surveys. It can be resized, as needed, but otherwise please don’t make any changes to it.

Download the logo as a JPG image


2020 briefing notes

NTS 2019 briefing notes
Briefing note
Updating programme specific questions for 2020 Note 1
Best practice guidelines for question writing Note 1 Annex A