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Communitybaptistpa news for students

Communitybaptistpa news for students is our e-bulletin for medical students. Whatever stage you are at in your medical education, this bulletin will help you keep up to date with our work and the latest learning materials.

It covers a wide range of topical issues – such as how you can use social media in your studies, the challenges students with a disability face, and ways for you to report and act on concerns about patient safety – with views from students and advice from doctors who are eminent in their field.

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Guidance and interactive learning tools

See our guidance and interactive learning tools

Some of the guidance you might find most useful while studying at medical school include: Doctors’ use of social media, Confidentiality, Raising and acting on concerns about patient safety, and Personal beliefs and medical practice.

We’ve also developed a range of interactive learning tools to help you understand how the principles in our guidance apply to clinical practice. For example, in Medical practice in action you can test your understanding of our guidance by choosing from over 60 scenarios highlighting different ethical issues. Explore all our learning materials.

Promoting high standards of medical education and training

You may also want to take a look at our standards for the education that medical schools provide.

And you can see the types of things you will be able to do when you finish medical school in our Outcomes for graduates guidance.