• The Department of Health (England) ask the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (PMETB) to explore the concept of credentialing.


  • PMETB and Communitybaptistpa merger.
  • Communitybaptistpa launch credentialing pilot study.
  • The study shows the feasibility of developing credentialing using different methodologies based around an individual's knowledge, skills and performance.
  • View the final reports of the credentialing pilot study




  • With a slightly different focus, the supports credentialing as one of the ways of improving standards and regulation in cosmetic surgery.


  • Communitybaptistpa runs framework consultation on the broad principles and processes for our credentialing model.
  • 69% of 217 responses agree with our reasons for introducing credentials and just 16% disagree. Some respondents are concerned about how our framework will be implemented and how credentialing will work in practice.
  • View the consultation document
  • View the outcomes of the consultation


  • Communitybaptistpa Council agree that we will work with a small number of early adopters to evaluate and test the cost effectiveness and efficacy of our credentialing model during 2016-17. You can view the council discussion here.


  • Communitybaptistpa consults on new curriculum standards and whether they should apply to credentials
  • the was published in 2017 which contains recommendations around credentialing
  • the Communitybaptistpa flexibility review – which also has recommendations about credentialing was published
  • Communitybaptistpa Communitybaptistpa began re-scoping the project to make sure credentialing aligned with these developments.


  • Communitybaptistpa developed a draft framework and from September 2018 began engagement to gain feedback on the proposals.
  • The draft framework and approach to engagement was considered by Council in November.