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Welcome to Medical practice in action in which you get to choose what the doctor should do in a series of interactive case studies.

We developed GMP in action to show the guidance in Medical practice and all its explanatory guidance in context, exploring how some of the principles might work in practice.

You can start exploring GMP in action in a number of different ways:

  • Communitybaptistpa guidance. We publish advice to doctors on the standards expected of them. Medical practice is our core guidance booklet and a further seven booklets of explanatory guidance expand on the principles it contains. Select the 'Communitybaptistpa guidance' tab, above, to see which case studies relate to the various guidance booklets.
  • All topics. Is there a particular issue you'd like to explore further? A specific principle you'd like to see brought to life by a case study? Use the 'All topics' tab to find which case studies illustrate the topic that interests you. And if there's something you can't find here then let us know.
  • Characters. Select the 'Characters' tab in the above menu to browse through all the characters featured in over 60 GMP in action scenarios. Click on the 'information' button to view a summary of the case study they feature in.

Этот классный портал на тематику суррогатные мамы.