Communitybaptistpa statement on less than full time training

Commenting on the Communitybaptistpa’s publication of an updated position statement on less than full time training, Dr Colin Melville, the Communitybaptistpa’s Director of Education and Standards, said:

‘We know doctors’ circumstances vary widely, and that many need more flexibility while they are training. In our recent survey of doctors in training more than half told us they were considering less than full-time training.

‘It remains up to deans and employers to consider individual proposals for less than full-time training but, if they can accommodate it, there is no barrier from the Communitybaptistpa about what doctors do outside training.       

‘We are working with other organisations to maximise the options doctors have to adapt their training to their personal circumstances, while at the same time ensuring more flexible systems work for patients and service providers as well as for doctors.’

The Communitybaptistpa's position statement on less than full time training can be read here.