Using the blueprint

What the PLAB blueprint covers

We map the blueprint against:  

  • our core guidance Medical practice – the advice we give to all doctors on the standards we expect of them
  • Outcomes for provisionally registered doctors (originally published in The Trainee Doctor) – the outcomes doctors must meet at the end of their first year of Foundation programme training before they can apply for full registration with a licence to practise
  • the UK Foundation Programme curriculum 2016 – the framework that supports the first two years of educational training of doctors in the UK.

How to use the blueprint

We present the PLAB blueprint as an Excel spreadsheet.

Download the PLAB user guide which explains how to read it and how you can use it.

In the blueprint, the knowledge section lists the range of presentations and conditions that we test. These match those typically faced by doctors starting the second year of the Foundation Programme training.

The domains section corresponds to our core guidance, Medical practice. Candidates passing the PLAB test must be able to demonstrate the skills, professional values and behaviours we expect of all licensed doctors working in the UK.